“How to Get Started as a Fine Art Investor” @davidsonartadvisory #nycartscene #artcollecting #artcollectors #jeffkoons #anishkapoor #christopherwool 

‪”How to Get Started as a Fine Art Investor” @davidsonartadvisory https://www.borro.com/uk/borro-blog/get-started-fine-art-investor‬ “Fascination with the world of art investment continues to be fuelled by the mystique surrounding it and the astronomical price records set at public auctions. Compound this with the celebrity status conferred upon a handful of superstar contemporary artists such as Jeff Koons, Anish Kapoor and Christopher Wool, mega-dealers like Gagosian, David Zwirner and Pace and high-profile collectors from the finance world including Steve Cohen, Leon Black and J. Tomilson Hill, and it’s no wonder an increasing number of traditional investors are becoming fine art investors….” #nycartscene #artcollector #artcollectors #jeffkoons #anishkapoor #christopherwool #fineartinvesting #artinvestment #artmarket #jessicadavidson #qualityoverquantity #fineartinvestor #fineartconsultingfirm #contemporaryart #collectorstrategy #artadvisor #whatshotinart #arttrends #wheretostartwithart

Davidson Art Advisory LLC is a NYC-based boutique fine art consulting firm that provides advisory services to collectors and institutional clientele. Focusing on post-war and contemporary art, founder Jessica Davidson assists both connoisseurs and novices build special, highly personal collections by helping them cultivate their tastes, explore the art market strategically, acquire works they love, and effectively manage their collection.

Jessica@davidsonartadvisory.com | 917.547.8062 | www.davidsonartadvisory.com


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