@flywheel – some things change but some stay the same! @fitnycpamela #newbikes #imstillfly 

Good news … I’m still #fly 😎 

Haven’t taken a @flywheelsports in a while and was craving it. So I signed up for @kbonyc’s Sunday 10:30am #lincolnsquare class which never ever disappoints with her awesomeness + great music + energy of the class. Some things change but some stay the same … like how awesome those 45 minutes are! And I really LOVE the new bikes – will take another class or two until I am used to it but 👍🏻👍🏻 – Overall a much more of a seamless ride ♥️
I got there a little early to figure out how to set up and make sure I was all set for class. @sergdeych helped me because he is Serg and he is awesome. I found my proper settings and I was off. Was sad to see the new system turned off my “on the board” settings as I like to see myself on the board but easily fixable for next time and I can be sure to confirm before class.

Things I really liked:

1. The new screen and the placement front and center – which you could also cover with a towel if you don’t like. I didn’t feel like I NEEDED to be in the 30-40 range (heavy) when I was up in 3rd (which I always had before) and on the other end I didn’t feel like the 16-20 (light) felt as light (which was previously like nothing) – I felt very comfortable coasting in that setting during the speed intervals.

2. The double water bottle placements 🙃

3. How the handlebars now could be adjusted forward and back – score.

4. The turn dial to adjust the weight on the bike. My leg did hit it a few times to change it by accident but I got the hang of it after a while.

5. The new shoes are nice!

6. The placement of the weights seemed easier – they kinda fell back into a holder which took me a hot second to realize.

7. The overall feel of the ride and felt more natural and flowed better with the new bike feel and system.

8. And I got to see the adorable #flymascot @orsonyc ♥️🐾

See you soon @flywheelsports 😍 #upperbestside #nyc #imsofly #flywheelsports #intheflyclub #adventuresofasparklygirl #sparklysoulheadbands #sundayvibes #sundaywellspent #newflybikes


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