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NYC Marathon 2012

When @BREAKTHRURADIO contacted me to be interviewed for their radio show, I was very excited! I couldn’t wait to share my love for fitness, running and all about @FITNYCPAMELA blog/social media! BTR asked me to talk about fitness in NYC, blogging, Sparkly Soul headbands and my love for exercise! I was also asked to talk about my coaching with American Cancer Society’s Team Determination and my Cycle for Survival Ride coming up in March!


Here is the print interview published by BTR this week:

They also aired the radio and podcast we recorded!  Here are the details and an overview on some of the questions they asked me:

1. What sparked your interest in fitness, and what makes you so persistent about it through today?


 I spoke about how I started to run in 2007 by just signing up for my first marathon and how I now do races quite regularly through New York Road Runners. I love running in Central Park on the West Side River.  I have since done 5 Full Marathons including the NYC marathon twice, Philly twice and Phoenix Rock ‘n’ Roll.  I usually do about 10 half marathons a year.

photo 3photo 2


 I have also done two Olympic triathlons.

NYC Triathlon

I also spoke about my love for spin (Flywheel, Equinox and Soul Cycle) and barre classes (Physique 57 and Exhale Spa). I have been taking Physique 57 classes everyday for about 2 years now. I spoke about how I have seen a crazy improvement in my speed since starting Physique 57 and how it made me a better runner.


What keeps me so persistent? Having it as part of my routine and seeing the results, physically and mentally.

2. You review different fitness classes around NYC. What classes do you usually review? What would you say makes a notable class or instructor? 

I loved this question – since I review all types of class.  I spoke about how I have been going to the typical NYC-centric ones like Physique 57, Exhale, Soul Cycle, Flywheel, Equinox, a new class that started this year and tha tis awesome, DMF NYC, a dance cardio class by one of my favorite teachers Lindi, but since starting my @FITNYCPamela blog I am also trying to incorporate trying new classes I have never tried before in NYC since there are so many opportunities and classes and studios in NYC.

The one thing that makes an instructor stand out to me is MUSIC! It is very important to me because it can motivate me or push me when I am tired. I love when I have a sync with the teacher and the kind of music they play.

3. Can you tell us a little about your blog, FitNYCPamela?


I spoke about starting the Sparkly Soul blog in 2010 and how Sparkly Soul has developed its own social media persona since then.  I wanted to start a personal blog as well and put a face behind the brand. I have loved the opportunity to interact so much with friends and followers of Sparkly Soul on social media and at events over the years – I wanted to be able to take it to another level on social media and give myself a voice.  I love living in NYC and enjoying everything it has to offer, and taking fitness classes/reviewing fitness products and talking to my audience and friends I have made via Sparkly Soul and through the NYC running community/the fitness scene:

photo 5 (9)photo 4 (5)

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photo 2 (9)

photo 2 (8)

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photo 1 (9)

photo 5 (3)photo 1

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photo 4

image (25)3IMG_1422

I thought FITNYCPAMELA would be the perfect medium to do this!


I shared my FITNYCPamela blog info with BTR:, my Facebook and Pinterest pages at FITNYCPamela and Twitter and Instagram handle @FITNYCPamela. I just love getting new followers and watching my social media grow! I also love to follow people back and reading their posts about fitness, their lives and how they find balance.


I also spoke about taking on new social media consulting clients, in addition to Sparkly Soul, via my FITNYCPamela. I spoke about how I focus on fitness companies and products and help to give them a voice.  My view is that even if you have the greatest product or class and you don’t use social media – you are not tapping all your resources to communicate your awesome product and not connecting to those who want it.  When a company has a great product (which I can spot) – they either don’t understand the benefit of social media and getting their product out to their customers, and if they do understand the benefit, they don’t know how to or doubt it.  That is where I come in.  Whether you have a fitness product or company, my goal is to help you get this information to your target audience via social media.  More information on my social media consulting can be found on my blog or sending an email to!

4. Looking at Sparkly Soul Headbands, their style gives me the impression of providing something that’s pretty and feminine yet versatile for the active lifestyle. Was that your intent?

I spoke about how and why Sparkly Soul came to life.  My favorite topic to talk about 🙂

image (19)

We wanted something that actually worked.  I spoke about how fashion and function is way better than just fashion. There were no other headbands on the market that were full elastic and every time I would run or workout with all other products that were out there, the black elastic piece on the back would either ride up on my head or was too tight.  I ended up just tossing it to the side of the road or tying it around my arm because it cost so much money. I spoke about how I think people just got used to just not having a good product to rely on when they were working out and would keep buying sub-par products because nothing else was available.  I told Break Thru Radio about how I was one of those people before Sparkly Soul and just didn’t wear a headband because there was nothing out there that did what I wanted it to do.


My sister Dari, the owner and creator of Sparkly Soul, who also happens to be a marathon coach, approached me with the solution! We always spoke about how we wanted something that not only looked stylish (as a female marathoner) but also REALLY worked – that stayed put, kept your hair tamed and out of your face and didn’t slip off when you were working out. So Sparkly Soul was born in 2010– these are nonslip and no headache headbands that are 360 degrees of elastic with no black elastic piece in the back so they don’t slip off your head and don’t cause a headband headache no matter how intense your workout is.


Flash forward to 2014 – we LOVE interacting with customers on social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Tumblr and our blog.  We hear from people everyday in emails and social media who love the product and how it different than everything else on the market – we enjoy getting so many photos of people doing incredible things and pushing themselves to their limits while wearing a Sparkly Soul headband.

I told Break Thru Radio about how I handle all the social media platforms for Sparkly Soul and about the promotions and giveaways we run to interact with our fans and give them a chance to win a headband. It is truly quite the experience to interact with all these amazing people on a daily basis and hear their stories about how they sparkle.

I told listeners that Sparkly Soul are sold online at and at many retail locations including Athleta, Flywheel, Exhale Spa and Physique 57.

5. I hear you’ve been involved in efforts for the American Cancer Society, could you explain some of these experiences?

I told Break Thur Radio about how I became involved with the American Cancer Society Team Determination because like so many people out there I lost my grandparents to cancer.  I wanted to do something to give back in a way that I knew how to… through running.


I found ACS and became a participant for the NYC Half Marathon in 2013 and loved it.  The headcoach Ramon is great and the people on the team were a great group of people who I got along with really well.  It is a smaller team than most of the charity teams out there in NYC so I liked the personal attention I got and relationships I formed.  I also spoke about Hope Lodge where cancer patients and their families who are given a place to live while they are undergoing cancer treatments here in NYC. Team Determination was very active at planning events for participants with those living at Hope Lodge including holiday parties, game nights and many theme nights.

photo 5

I started coaching for ACS in 2013 for the NYC Marathon team – I wanted to be able to help by sharing my love for fitness and running, while help supporting a team raising money for cancer.  I also shared their link to sign up with BTR listeners:

6. You’re planning a Cycle for Survival Ride coming up in March. How is the preparation going?

I told Break Thru Radio that this is something I ALWAYS wanted to do!  I love spin class and spin 4-5 times a week – so when my friend and teacher Randi, who is an instructor at Equinox, invited me to join her team and help fundraise for this great cause and I was so excited!

I love talking about this great cause and the purpose of Cycle for Survival – it raises funds for rare cancer research and 100% of the funds raised go directly to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

I told listeners how to donate to my awesome team at the Cycle for Survival website: just type in my name – “Pamela Passarello” under individual– or “Team Randi – NYC” under the team name! I told listeners that I would without a doubt be blogging about my experience fundraising and the event itself on FITNYCPamela.

7. What advice do you give to young people who seek to live an active lifestyle?

My advice was to start simple by changing one thing in your day or life – take the stairs, walk back and forth to work, start to run/walk, sign up for a race and train.  Those little things add up and the goal is just to stay active and to become the best you that you can be. Make your goal to be to sweat once a day! One of my favorite quotes came to mind during the interview when they asked me this question which I shared with BTR … “If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

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