@FITNYCPAMELA’s #Top10 Favorite NYC #Fitness Instructors of 2013!

@FITNYCPAMELA’s #Top10 Favorite NYC #Fitness Instructors of 2013!

These are the people that inspired me to work hard and have a great time while working out and staying fit in 2013.  When I see their names on a schedule whether at Physique, Equinox, FlyWheel or SoulCycle I want to sign up!  I don’t know if they are my favorites because I tend to lean toward taking their classes above other teachers or I take their classes more because they are my favorites.  Either way I am grateful that they are in my life and look forward to being inspired by them and the many awesome others in 2014!

1. Lindi Duesenberg- DMF and Physique57


Founder and Lead Instructor at DMF www.dmfnyc.com

Instructor and Trainee Adviser at Physique 57 www.physique57.com

I have been taking Lindi’s classes for a while now and her inspiring/positive attitude NEVER gets old. How many people can you say that about? Her spirit can motivate you to go to a Friday morning 7:30 am class because you know you will feel amazing after it or get you off the couch on a Sunday afternoon when all you want to do is nap.  And you love her so much that taking her class on a Saturday morning at Physique and then her DMF class in the afternoon is not unfathomable – in fact you consider it a treat or a reward to spend so much time in her classes and around her.  You get a fabulous workout, feel great during and after and are inspired all class long by her quotes and feel-good attitude.

Motivating and inspiring clients to believe in their abilities and live life to the fullest is one of Lindi’s greatest passions. Her teaching style focuses not just on achieving your fitness goals, but also on finding joy and wellness in all aspects of life. Her classes focus on how you feel rather than how you look, and will provide you with a blast of encouragement, inspiration and fun.

Physique 57 (http://physique57.com/You can find Lindi during the weekdays and weekends teaching classes at Physique 57. Her classes are fun, challenging and motivational. You have a great time while you get an incredible workout!

As you will see from most of this post, my love affair with Physique 57 continued in 2013.  I love starting my day with the 7:30 class on the UWS – it is steps away from my apartment and my day is never the same without it.

Physique 57 is a barre-based workout with intervals designed to rapidly transform your body. And transform your body, it does. Physique 57 class incorporates cardio, strength training, stretching and recovery (all with a ballet barre) for a 57 minute workout that improves flexibility and endurance, while strengthening and sculpting muscles. I have been going almost daily (time-permitting and depending on the teacher during my available times) since March 2012.  I love combining my Physique 57 regimen with cardio (either running or spinning).)

DMF (www.dmfnyc.com) – You can also check Lindi out at her awesome DMF classes!  Lindi started DMF because she found herself wanting a cardio workout in which the movement wasn’t overly repetitive and jarring. Because of past dance injuries, the repetitive nature of spinning and running just didn’t work for her. Other dance workouts were fun, but left her wanting more out of the experience. She wanted to create a class in which the instructor just didn’t stand in the front of the room and demonstrate. She wanted a class where the instructor actually taught and interacted with the clients, providing needed motivation and inspiration. She wanted a place where awesome music from a vast array of genres would drive the workout. And so, DMF was created!



DMF is SO MUCH FUN!  It is a dance fitness class that provides inspirational coaching throughout the workout!

If you haven’t checked out this must-take class of 2013 – get on it!

What I find myself thinking about during Lindi’s class: That is a great quote – Lindi is so inspiring!  I wish she taught everyday!  I don’t even know where the time goes in her class. 

Lindi’s music: Lots of Pitbull, current hits and anything that makes you want to dance!

Follow Lindi at @lindidmf and DMF at @dmfnyc and Physique 57 at @physique57

2. Sarah Marchetti Gleim – Physique 57


I have enjoyed Sarah’s classes since I started taking them years ago at Physique 57.  I remember just starting taking Physique classes and how sweet she was and what an incredible workout it was.  Years later – she is still energizing, has new material constantly and a pleasure to be around – her classes have gotten harder and she always mixes it up.  She never does a standard Physique class – she always adds in something new or different.  She really stands out to me as a person and a teacher.

What I find myself thinking about during her class: Wow, she is a great teacher and her class is different than any other teacher. It is really challenging, but fun and goes by really quick. 

Sarah’s music: Sarah has the same musical tastes as I do.  She always seems to play the perfect songs to make you move and keep going.  She plays very current music and songs that you want to Shazam to see who sings them!

Follow Sarah here:
Twitter – @SarahMP57 and @SarahKayMG
Instagram – sarahkaymarchetti
Pinterest – Sarah Marchetti Gleim

3. Randi Eisenshtat –  Equinox


My favorite spin teacher that I started taking consistently this year is Randi.  She has the personality of a firecracker and keeps you moving.  She really enjoys her job and you can tell.  It is such a difference when a person really puts 100% into teaching.  Her music is A++ in my book (some teachers at Equinox lose me here and I am just trying to get through a class to get a workout in and am staring at the clock). Her personality and music and energy makes 45 minutes go by before you know it.  She puts so much time and energy into her playlists – it made her a favorite of mine from the beginning.  I try to take her class at 50th Street Equinox either on Monday or Friday or both if I can make it.  I enjoy every second of the class and the way I feel afterwards.

Randi is awesome.  Period. Randi was selected as one of Equinox’s top cycling instructors to participate and teach at this years Cycle for Survival event which raises millions of dollars for rare cancer research. Randi will be joining the event next year in NYC, New Jersey and Miami! And I will be on her team – yay!

Randi’s philosophy is do what you love and love what you do. Randi fills the room with energy, plays awesome music and keeps ya coming back for more!

Check out Randi on:

Facebook: http://Facebook.com/randi.eisenshtat and Instagram: @randileigh6

Search for her classes on http://www.equinox.com

What I find myself thinking about during Randi’s class: Weeeeee!!!

Randi’s music: She makes playlists based on holidays and plays current dance music – think Gaga, Pitbull and Beyonce.

4. Darryl Gaines – FlyWheel

darryl gaines spin from mag transcendcycle equinox nyc

I met Darryl when he worked at Equinox.  He is one of the best spin teachers I have EVER had!   My favorite spin studio FlyWheel was smart enough to snatch him up during 2013 bringing his awesomeness to an awesome studio!

Every class is an incredible workout, a dance party and full of the heart and soul of Darryl.  He can often be heard yelling “BEAST IT” when in one of his awesome cycling classes. Darryl’s technique transcends physical fitness, touching his students on a deeper level through music and personal connection. If you haven’t taken a class – do it! Act quick and book Flywheel in advance when the schedule opens for the week – he is very popular and his classes are usually full very quickly!

He is both unique and intense and overall 100% awesome.


If you know Darryl, you know he has a fiercely loyal fanbase in NYC and LA.  He is engaged and present in every class giving you EVERYTHING he has.  His music drives his class.  He makes everyone in the class feel accomplished and special.


Darryl’s personal website: darrylgaines.com

Find and Follow Darryl on facebook

Follow Darryl on twitter


What I find myself thinking about during Darryl’s class:  I wish I felt like this every second of every day!

Darryl music: Music that touches your spirit.  You will feel like you just left church.  I love his Adele remix!

5. The Ladies of Soul Cycle I Met Through Physique 57 – Christina Pearson and Emily Turner 

I have been lucky enough to meet some teachers at Physique 57 that have inspired me to go anywhere they go in NYC!  Their personalities are inspiring and just fun to be around.

Christina Pearson –

I was so sad when I heard she was leaving Physique 57 to join Soul Cycle – I loved seeing her on a weekly basis.  But lucky for me – I live right by a Soul Cycle on the UWS.  She is one of my favorite people and instructors and is quite the presence to be around.  She sure knows how to give you an incredible workout and push you to your limit – by the time it happens you have no idea what just happened because she is so nice and you want to work hard.  I have missed her very much since she left Physique in 2013 and hope she is on the UWS more at Soul Cycle in 2014 so I can take advantage of seeing her more and get my Christina P fix!

Twitter: @CPearson817

Website: www.ChristinaLynnPhillips1.com

Emily Hope Turner:


This is Emily’s last week at Physique 57 and she is going to Soul Cycle full-time.  As much as I hate to see her go, I feel fortunate that I can still find her at Soul Cycle!  Her energy is contagious and her classes are incredible!

Emily inspires riders each day through sweat, spirituality, and FUN!

Follow Emily on Twitter at @EmilyHopeTurner

Find these two on the Soul Cycle schedule and I PROMISE you that you will thank me! They both are SO fun, challenging and sparkly!

Special shout out to another one of my favs in this category … Laura Crago – who teaches at Soul Cycle in LA now – we miss you very much at Physique too! You make me want to move LA to take your class, but I love NYC too much to do that!

6. The Men of Physique 57 – Chad and Neil

OK – life-changing teachers of 2013.  The best additions to Physique in 2013!  If I see either of these two on the schedule at Physique 57 …I am THERE.

Chad – Chad has been there a bit longer than Neil. I remember when he was training.  If I remember correctly I took some classes when he was the teaching assistant to Lindi. Which makes sense why I love his classes so.  He is so happy and dances around the classroom so that you feel like you are there for a show.  He is like a dose of happy.  But don’t let that happy fool you, his workout are TOUGH!  His classes feel different then others there and go by very quickly because you are entertained yet challenged.

Neil – Just what the doctor ordered.  His fixes on you are exactly what you need and he will adjust you when you really need it to get to that perfect spot you are working on your body.  Never have a met a teacher that is so awesome, fun, but challenges and corrects at the perfect time.   I remember things from his class that come with me into other Physique classes.  Plus he is a BLAST to be around.

Thank you for giving me Chad and Neil Physique 57! Yay!

7. Shelleen Kostabi (@ShayKostabi)–

Shay is a Flybarre and cycling instructor at Flywheel Sports!  I heart her and check out her Flywheel classes ASAP!

Shay wants to empower you to find your true sense of strength & grace through every workout!

Twitter: @ShayKostabi

Website/Blog: www.shaykostabi.com

8. Adrianna Dougherty – Physique 57


I love Adrianna! I have taken Cardio Physique and Yoga with her and often have her as my 7:30 Mixed Class Teacher.  She is one the most challenging teachers and you know you will be worked going to one of her classes.  I feel that she does things that no one else has yet thought of and then you see them in others classes later on.

She is awesome – so if you don’t know her … you should!


9. The Tale of the Two Ashley’s of Physique 57 –  Ashley Perez and Ashley Yeater – if I see the name Ashley on the schedule I know I am in good hands and I WILL sign up for a class!

My 2013 list would not be complete without two teachers that I have had regularly at Physique 57 for the last few months of 2013.

Meet Ashley Perez …


Ashley P is engaging every minute of class and really funny.  Don’t let the funny fool you – she kicks your butt.  I have really been enjoying her class lately and can’t wait to take her more of her classes in 2014!

website: www.ashleyperezdance.com

twitter: AshleyP_P57

instagram: @smashleyjp

Meet Ashley Yeater …


So happy to have met and taken class regularly now with Ashley Y in 2013! Her class is HARD, but her personality is sparkly.  She teaches as if she has had lots of cups of coffee – she is a refreshing teacher to have during the week.  She doesn’t like to count down until the last second when you feel like you are going to fall over.  So you are holding in different positions for long periods of time. I find it is a unique torture method, but I love it.  This makes it different for me than any other Physique classes. Her energy makes you coming back for more and her class/stories are fun and a nice distraction.  The challenge of the class and her personality are an A+ in my book!

Twitter: @AshleyYeaterNYC

10. Chris Griffin – Equinox

Show me a Chris Griffin class that isn’t full and I wouldn’t believe you.  Getting into his classes is near impossible – as is staying away from his classes.

Chris is a real cyclist and you feel like a bad a$@ when you are in one of his classes.  I LOVE his hour classes, 45 minutes classes and recently tried one of his 2 hour rides.  Mind-blowing is an understatement.  He doesn’t talk much and plays techno-music (which I am not a fan of), but the combination of everything he does is the perfect storm.  He makes techno bearable and I get into it somehow.  You leave his classes feeling like you worked very hard and like a million bucks.  If you are a member of Equinox go to his class – no right now … go sign up for one!


In 2014, I am looking forward to trying different kinds of classes and teachers.  I want to add more yoga and yin into my schedule.  2014 will be the year of trying new fitness classes and teachers.  I get so set in a routine – it is hard for me to switch it up and take the time to get used to other classes and people.  I also can’t wait to try Barry’s Bootcamp, Bikram Yoga and Real Pilates.  I hope to review these on my blog when I do!

What NYC Fitness Teachers have been inspiring and awesome for you in 2013?  Let me know below and on social media at @FITNYCPamela!


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