My first REAL tree – so worth it to rearrange furniture in a NYC apartment to fit it! @fitnycpamela #HOLIDAYS

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I have been so busy with holiday parties this week – I have hardly had time to blog or even to get my Christmas Tree.  They are selling Christmas trees on every corner – which is usual for this time of the year in NYC.

Every year I walk by them and say I am going to get one the next year.  I never do.  First they are so overpriced – $50-$100 in NYC when you can go to a suburb and get one for a high of $30.  Second I live in NYC – the land of small apartments (for most), which leaves very little room for a large real Christmas tree.

As I was walking home last  night, I stopped and asked a man how much a small tree was – it was about my height and about a little bigger than the fake one I have now and have been using for the last few years.  I got him to agree to $80 for it which included the stand.  I asked him to think about $75 and that I would be back (with JP!) Done I thought!

So I brought JP back and he liked one of the huge trees – thats all I need to hear.  Because I thought the one I liked was the biggest that could fit.  The one we picked out was already in a stand so we were able to see the height and width.  It was way over 7 feet and pretty wide.  No way I thought JP would even go for a tree that big – usually I am the one to “overdo it” and he kind of reels me back in.  So when he suggested it – I thought … “yay!”

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I asked the nice man to do this larger one (which was easily two feet bigger) for $80 too.  He said that we understood each other and called me intense…  He agreed!

photo 5

We brought it home – JP put the lights up and I did the ornaments.

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Here are some thoughts:

1. Everyone should decorate their tree with the Sound of Music on (and the live version wasn’t THAT bad!) – and it is fun to sing along to (you know you did!) .  For me – not so much for JP who did not enjoy this part so much.  I usually insist on watching Elf during tree decorating time – so this was very entertaining.

Michael Nigro as Friedrich, Ella Watt-Gorman as Louisa, Joe West as Kurt, Sophia Anne-Caruso as Brigitta, Grace Rundhaug as Marta, Ariane Rinehart as Liesl, Peyton Ella as Gretl and Carrie Underwood as Maria in The Sound of Music Live!.

2. Real trees are a mess! It is true! There was pine everywhere – which was easily solved by vacumming and much more future vacumming.  I think I can manage the remembering to water it part!

3.  NYC apartments are small for BIG trees.  The furniture had to be completely rearranged to make room for the tree.  JP said you can’t rearrange your furniture for a tree – I disagreed. You can always move it back when the tree is done and it is something different, which is fun.  JP didn’t seem to think so because he did most of the heavy lifting and moving.

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4. It is way more fun to have a real tree than a fake tree.  My old little tree looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree by comparison.

photo (3)

5. I am allergic to EVERYTHING and sometimes forget especially with air type allergies than food allergies. I think some kind of trees were included in my allergy list last time I was checked.  It isn’t that bad so far – but I thought it was funny that I thought of it after we brought it home, moved all the furniture and decorated it!

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6. I need a sparkly sparkly sparkly star for the top of this tree and I will FIND one! And I need lots more ornaments to fill the tree up!

photo 3 (4)

LOVING my first real tree and looking forward to the holiday season!

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What is your favorite ornament or holiday decoration?

Let me know below! (One of my favorite is the UGG one below and I bought really cute ones last year for me for my Philly 2012 Marathon that you can write your name, year and finish time on.  I bought a similar tri one for JP last year for when he did his NYC Ironman!)

photo 5 (2)


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