The weather outside is (ALREADY!) frightful – @FITNYCPamela recap of a very cold Race to Deliver 4 mile @nyrr race! #winterrunning

I LOVE New York Road Runner races!  Any type of weather – really cold, snowstorm, really hot, rainy – you name it! When the weather is extreme or different than plain old awesome running weather – it is a challenge.  It is something different.

I do the 9+1 race for NYRR to get in to the NYC Marathon every year.  I also do the 4 out of 5 borough races to get into the NYC 1/2 Marathon too! I spread them out throughout the year. I actually end up doing more races than necessary – I end up doing about 20 or so throughout the year.  It all depends on what I am training or not training for, if I want to do a race and what I have going on that weekend.  I usually sign up in advance looking at my calendar for a month or two ahead.

After the NYC Marathon this year, I signed up for the Race to Deliver 4 miler with my friend Melissa.  I also signed up for the Ted Corbitt 15K and the NYC Half Marathon in March. There are a few others I would like to do in the coming months – but these were the main ones for now!

photo 2

The Race to Deliver was this past Sunday.  Everyone kept saying how cold it was going to be. I kept thinking it can’t be THAT bad.  It was cold, but the Manhattan Half Marathon last year and a few years back – both during a snowstorm – were way worse with the wind and snow in your face when you were running.

So when hearing that it would be in the 20s with a windchill of 8 degrees, I suited up on Sunday morning with many layers.  I wore my Sugoi winter running pants, a lulu sportsbra, tank and long sleeve and topped it off with a new pullover lulu jacket that is a half button with a hood.  I figured I would be good with these – of course topped off with my Sparkly Soul headband, Nike Winter Running Headband and gloves.  I also use the hand warmer things that you can put in your gloves and throughout your body to keep you warm.  For longer races, I usually throw them away in the beginning of the course. For this race, I kept them and put them in my pockets when I took my gloves off during the run.

The way I see it (and what usually gets me out the door) is to put on as many layers it takes for you to feel warm outside and disrobe/tie items around you as you run and warm up. Not the best philosophy, but it works for me. The layers tied around me during colder weather don’t really bother me. And I usually even stick a full bottle of water in my tied layers for longer runs.  Holding water when I run really doesn’t bother me either.

I always end up in a tank top within the first 3 miles.  This was a different kind of race for me coming off the NYC marathon. I hadn’t “raced” since then and was looking forward to the shorter mileage.  Once I started to heat up, it wasn’t until around mile 2.5 and I figured it wasn’t worth the time to pull over to the side of the road to take off the pullover and that I should just take my gloves and winter running headband off.  I usually just have a long sleeve shirt on and tie it around my waist to allow me to run with a tank for whatever miles.  This time with the two long sleeves on – I figured I could get through the distance without overheating. However, if it was any longer than a 4 mile race, I would have pulled over to the side of the road to take off the pullover. And if I still was hot or became warmer when I ran, I would tie the long sleeve base as well around me.

It was very windy on the course at some points.  It wasn’t my best race – time, weather and feeling-wise, but I was glad to get back out there and get into the routine of shorter races on the weekends.

Since my watch was buried under all my layers of clothes, I didn’t have an opportunity see my pace when I was running. I ended up finishing in 38 minutes.  After getting used to running for such long miles every weekend since the beginning of summer, it was odd finishing at a point where I usually get warmed up.  I am SURE my body will have no problem adjusting to the shorter distances 😉

photo 3

I plan on getting back into the longer distances (for my weekend runs) in January and February in preparation for the NYC Half Marathon in March! Until then hoping I acclamate to this colder running weather.  If it is like this in November, I would hate to see what February will look/feel like!

I am also running an unorganized Turkey Trot tomorrow morning with some friends in Central Park that I am looking forward to!  I am usually not in NYC on Thanksgiving morning, but we are spending it here this year! A full recap to come!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!



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