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Sparkle + Function + Fashionable = Sign me up!
Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with Sparkly Soul and sparkle generally.  I handle all the marketing and social media for Sparkly Soul since it launched in August 2011 – its an amazing company that stands for strong women doing amazing things everyday.
We have met so many fabulous ladies along the way who are friends, customers, ambassadors and owners of other companies that stand for something incredible and have great products.
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 photo 2 (10)
To me, the two words in the name, “Sparkly” and “Soul”, define what it takes to overcome a challenge.  You have to look deep inside yourself to get through something, accomplish something great and to overcome a challenge.  Whether it is your day, something that scares you or challenges you – you have to dig deep and be great to get through it.
Also there were no headbands out there that “did it all” – aka were stylish, stayed in place and didn’t give me a headband headache after 5 minutes wearing it.  We loved working out, including marathon training, and nothing would stay on our head long enough to get even a decent work out in.  I ended up wrapping many different types of headbands I wasted a ton of money on around my arm during a workout (because I thought it was cute and didn’t want to lose it but it really had no functional purpose).  I ended up using other brands/whatever was out there because there was nothing else.  (Thumbs down!)
Enter Sparkly Soul.  (Thumbs up!)
NYRR Race 2012
Huge game-changer for me and my lifestyle. Who knew that there was something that could work – that would match my outfits, that I would forget was even on, made my crazy hair look half way decent even after a hard workout in the middle of the day and that I didn’t have to adjust every 5 second while training/running anywhere from a mile to a marathon.
NYC Marathon 2012
Sparkly Soul
Sparkly Soul is based in NYC – the city with lots of sparkle! The company was created by a marathoner and triathlete for all the women who find their strength and soul while pushing themselves to their athletic limits.  It is the comfortable solution for all athletic fashionistas.
photo 3 (11)
Sparkly Soul headbands are different than everything else on the market because they are FULL (360 degrees) elastic lined with velvet.  Sparkly Soul headbands are stretchy all the way around and have no black elastic piece in the back that either hurts or rids up with the simplest activity, let alone a run or workout. Or I also found that the black elastic piece would end up getting stretched out after a couple of uses – seriously?!
Sparkly Soul softly and securely fit to your head so you won’t wind-up with a headband headache – even after hours of wear. The sparkly design is continuous for 360 degrees of sparkle.  And the sparkle doesn’t fall off but is part of the headband!  Now you can now be fit and fashionable.  Too much to ask? I don’t think so!
Since launching in August 2011, Sparkly Soul headbands have quickly become the must have workout accessory. It is the #1 Headband that fits EVERY headshape-Guaranteed. Guaranteed – you betcha!
Functional and chic, they can be worn from the gym to the office to a night out. Whether you use them for running, spinning, yoga, dance or team sports – these headbands won’t budge.  If you are on sparkle alert – you will see these headbands everywhere you go. Next time you see some sparkling on the street in your home town or city – tell them you love their Sparkly Soul – it will sure get you a smile :)Sparkly Soul non-slip headbands are available in a wide variety of colors and two widths.  New colors were JUST released too on www.sparklysoul.com – cooper penny wide and thin sparkle, satin red, satin gray and black/white striped wide and thin sparkle!The thin 3/8” headband retails for $15 each, while the 5/8” wide headband retails for $17 each.  Email customerservice@sparklysoul.com and they can help find a retail location near you!  One size fits all adults and, children ages 5 and up. Sparkle Soul headbands are proudly Made In the USA and professionally manufactured in New York City. Yay!
The design ensures that they stay comfortably on your head (no-headache and no slippage) while you take on any challenge/task/workout.  I don’t think I have taken mine off or have had my hair properly done (more than maybe once a month when I “needed” to) since Sparkly Soul launched.  I am always wearing one … everywhere!  I am a multi-tasking busy person who loves to get in a workout whenever and wherever I can in between doing ten billion other things.  I wear my sparkle to the gym/workout, during it and then home/back to work with it on!  If that isn’t love and belief in a fantastic product, I don’t know what is.
Some say it is glued to my head and I many people have nicknamed me “sparkly”.  I figured this out when a running coach shouted to me during a cross-training workout … “wow look at sparkly do those burpees!” I looked around – “oh who me”, I thought! Yeah I can do awesome burpees and yeah I wear sparkle – what!
photo 3 (12)
Social Media
We LOVE interacting with you on a daily basis.  You can check out Sparkly Soul on social media here:


Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr: SPARKLYSOULINC

Google +: Sparkly Soul

General Inquiries: customerservice@sparklysoul.com

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Marathon Training 2012

Ends through Thursday, November 21st at 11:59 PM EST. I will announce three winners at random via Rafflecopter on Friday, November 22nd!

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photo 1 (12)    Me and Riley


Sparkly Soul will be in Vegas this weekend at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half and Full Marathon – and I am going with them!  Will you be there?  Come say hi and stop by our booth!


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