Channelling my inner Pamela Fierce – a @PHYSIQUE57 @Beyonce Theme @FITNYCPamela Class Recap


Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with Physique 57.  I am also a big fan of Beyonce!  When the two came together – I almost fell off my chair!

Physique 57 is right near by me (on the UWS 73rd and Broadway – aka I can roll out of the bed in the morning, get dressed and be in a class in 15 minutes or less), the teachers are fantastic, the people in my classes are nice as can be and it is a challenging workout that keeps me in great shape/feeling awesome.  Having Physique as part of my routine, and loving it as much as I do, has made me a better and stronger athlete and person in the last few years.

I have been taking Physique 57 classes since 2010 but it was only in March 2012 that I started taking classes on a daily basis.  In May 2012 after I started hitting the barre more often, I started to notice an increase in my endurance and that I was getting significantly faster.  Here is a guest blog that I wrote for Physique 57 about how I became a faster runner:

I take Physique 57 classes about five-six days a week including Physique Stretch at least once a week. During marathon season, I run 3 days a week (including one long run) and spin at least once in addition to my Physique 57 routine.  I keep my regular Physique 57 schedule and add in some cardio, during my regular workout week.  I have been signed up for the three-month unlimited package for a while now. It works for me – I love the ability to go as much as I want, to whatever classes I want to.  It works with where I live and with my schedule. I was never a morning person either.  I now wake up every morning at 7 am looking forward to starting my day with a great challenging class and awesome positive people.

I also supplement my Physique classes with a Yin practice with Debra Downs and Exhale Spa Chill Yoga  I find adding Yin to my intense cardio + Physique schedule, leaves me feeling relaxed, flexible and teaches me to remember to breathe/relax at challenging moments in life and in training.

About Physique 57

Physique 57 is a barre-based workout with intervals designed to rapidly transform your body. And transform your body, it does. The classes incorporate cardio, strength training and stretching – which turns out to be the perfect receipe.  The class is 57 minutes long and they have beginner, intermediate, advanced, Physique Cardio, Mat 57, Formula 57, yoga and stretch classes.

Physique 57 has studios in three New York City locations (Spring Street, 57th/6th ave and UWS 73rd/Broadway), the Hamptons,  Los Angeles, and Dubai and a new pop-up location in Scarsdale (  In NYC, my favorite teachers teach at all the studios, so I just look to see who is teaching and when I want to take class.  I usually go to the UWS location in the mornings.  But sometimes, I will go to a different studio or time based on my schedule, how my body is feeling that week or who is teaching.  Believe it or not, seeing a certain teacher on a schedule, can make me want to go or cancel just by seeing their name on the schedule!

They also have a DVD Workout Series workout that you can do from home or when you are away on vacation. They also released a newer one too – Physique 57 DVD Workout Series Volume 2.  You just pop it in your computer or TV and you are ready to pulse from anywhere!

Physique video while on vacation

It is the first thing I pack if I am away on on vacation or know I won’t be nearby for a class!  They also have an online workout series that you can do from any computer – this just launched this year and has been getting great reviews!


Once a month Physique has a themed class called Stuido 57.  This month’s theme was Beyonce.  I received the email from Physique – I did not hestitate to sign up right away.  Especially when I saw Kim was teaching it!


Kim is delightful. I have taken many classes with her …  She is always so happy all the time and she kicks your butt with the biggest smile on her face.  I find her sets to be longer than other teachers, but she is so darn happy that you want to keep going.  Especially with the awesome music of Beyonce!

There were a few newbies in the class, so Kim explained the different sets that we would be doing to them.  She also explained that we would be doing different sets, but would follow it with stretches so not to worry.  My marathon legs did not mind the explanations in between sets and was hoping that it would distract her from her longer sets.  Not likely!

Kim was decked out in sparkly shorts and said she watched a few Beyonce videos in preparation.  She sure did – for each of the first two thigh sets we shook, circled and pulsed our hips to the best of Beyonce.  We even inserted Beyonce-like hand gestures to accompany songs like Diva, Single Ladies, Who Run the World Girls! and Crazy Right Now.  Kim added in hand and shoulder moves and gestures with each set – it was very fun!

The glute sections were a blur and difficult.  Kim is very challenging.  I tried to distract myself by the music and prayed to channel my inner Beyonce to get through them.

During abs, I arose from my blackout state and back to dancing.  We heard and crunched to songs by Destiny’s Child (“what kind of Beyonce themed class would it be without a little DC!” Kim exclaimed).  Good point I thought!

My favorite part was end (besides the time on my legs being over) where we listened to “Bootylicious” for the glute/floor section and “Emotions” for the cooldown/stretch.

 I was still having a difficult time doing Physique with 100% effort after the NYC Marathon being on Sunday. I was grateful to have made it through alive, but loved the challenge especially on tired legs. I had come in for a Physique class the day before on Wednesday morning (with the awesome Chad Levy) and went to spin on Wednesday night to flush out my legs.

I thought I would be feeling 100% on Thursday night, but was really tired.  On the walk there, I remembered the difficulty level of Kim’s classes and kept reminding myself that it would be fun and that I would get through it!

Kim and FITNYCPamela after Beyonce-themed Physique 57 class

Whether you are a Beyonce fan, Physique fan or both – I would recommend trying a Studio 57 themed class.  It has the challenge of a regular mixed class with a little sass depending on the teacher and the theme!  There are two more Beyonce-themed classes still – one at the Spring Street location (November 15th 6:30pm with Rachel) and the other at the 57th Street location (November 22nd 1:45 pm with Emily Z).  You can sign up on the Physique website – I would do it quick though.  Depending on the class time and teacher, Physique classes tend to fill up quick!  Especially for a themed class!

Side note: Speaking of Beyonce, dancing and being awesome – If  you didn’t watch this video yet, check it out.  A lady breaks out into Beyonce dance before she is about to undergo surgery.  Talk about brave and inspiring!

Have you tried a barre workout or Physique 57?

Have you ever taken a themed-workout class?


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