These streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you! @INGNYCMarathon Expo and pre-marathon @FITNYCPamela Recap Part 1! #fitnycpamela #ingnycm #taper

This is Part 1 of 2 of my blog for the NYC Marathon weekend! I separated my expo/pre-race experience from my race day recap to make for an easier read!

Getting Ready to Run!


Tapering is ALWAYS hard for me. I am the type of person who does a million things at once and am constantly moving/walking everywhere.  Taper is about relaxing and letting your body recover… ok … challenge accepted.

I was trying to rest and relax and not over do it – especially with my injuries creeping up in the last month and half.  They ruined the end of my training season but I would not let them ruin my race!  As always, it was odd having so much free time with no running, spin class or Physique 57 mornings. I slept later than usual, exercised less and was making an extra effort to be nice to myself.  Instead of my normal egg white and fruit breakfast on Thursday and Friday I treated myself to egg whites and swiss on wheat toast with fruit.  I know wild and crazy right?  And I had my normal spaghetti night before meal on Friday AND Saturday night!  Way to spurge!

I went to Physique up until Monday morning (I usually go up until Wednesday race taper weeks), but didn’t want to mess with my lower legs starting to hurt again! I went to Yin Yoga with Debra Downs on Tuesday to stretch and breathe it all in!

I went for a mani and pedi at Polished Beauty Bar on the UWS. I had my nails painted sparkly blue with one sparkly orange nail on each hand and my toes painted sparkly blue! (These are the NYC Marathon colors for ING – next year they are changing the colors because of the new sponsor Tata Consulting!)


I was excited to read a post that they were painting a yellow line along with the blue lines near the NYC Marathon finishline.  This was to honor those lost/injured at the Boston Marathon finish this year.  I was looking forward to crossing those lines at the finish in honor of Boston.


Another big decision HAD to be made … what Sparkly Soul headband to wear for the marathon! So I put it to a vote on @FITNYCPamela Instagram and Facebook! There was many votes for each headband (the choices were Red/blue striped sparkly Sparkly Soul headband or one of the new Determination ACS Sparkly Soul headbands – there is one in blue and one in red).

photo 4

I finally decided on (and a majority of the votes were also for) the SPARKLY red and blue striped Sparkly Soul one – so blue/red striped it was! I figured I could wear one of my Determination headbands to our final run on Saturday morning.  Decision made….


I LOVE expos! I love being around people ready to race, the excitement, the families – there is just something about a race expo right?


I was supposed to go the expo on Friday. I had taken off work all day Friday and Monday to relax and rest.  JP and I ended up deciding to go to the expo last minute on Thursday night.  I figured I could enjoy the expo, get my bib and gear and then relax and stay off my feet the rest of the weekend, until race day.

I was happily surprised to be informed that you could still get your long sleeve NYC tech shirt and medal from last year’s cancelled NYC marathon!


Here are some pictures from this year’s number pick-up! Special shout out to JP (who is now blogging and on Team Refuel at @TradeTrainTri for taking as many pictures as I asked him to for race weekend.  If you know me … this was no easy feat and was very nice of him.

20131105-143203.jpg   7 1025

    photo 1

I couldn’t work at the Sparkly Soul booth because I was running, but stopped by to say hi to everyone and entered the sparkly zone for a bit! I just LOVE the energy of race expos and the Sparkly Soul booth generally.  Everyone is always so happy and is so excited to see all the sparkle!  They are also excited to have a product that will really works and stay on their head because of the full elastic with no black elastic piece in the back like all other headbands.  Whenever anyone passes they either know the product and are so excited to see us/ get more colors or are new customers and excited to try something new/that really works.

photo 5


photo 2photo 3

I was able to see lots of friends at the Sparkly Soul booth and was hard to rip myself away from it to go home and rest.

photo 1
The awesome Leticia of LAMHookem and me at the Sparkly Soul booth at the NYC Marathon Expo!

It was great to walk around and see all the vendors.  I bought two awesome Asiacs jackets that say NYC Marathon 2013.  The first was a lighter jacket – a metallic silver one that lights up for when you are in the dark outside.  I just loved the metallic silver color.  And I also bought a heavier purple/orange official NYC marathon jacket with a hoodie and thumb-hole sleeves.  I am a sucker for anything with thumb holes (I am looking at you Lululemon and Athleta) 🙂

I picked up all my Gu’s and some pace bracelets.  I had no idea what pace I was going to run.  I was hoping to stay at about a 9 minute mile, but without injury and race day excitement I could end up with an 8:45.  But then doubted whether my legs would hold up and whether injuries would show their ugly head… so hoped to keep it around a 9:30 would be both comfortable and achievable.

I picked up a 3:45 (not likely based on training and injuries), 3:50, 3:55 and a 4.  Who knows I thought – a girl can dream and have high expectations right!  This would be my fifth marathon.  My last NYC Marathon was a 5:07 so I thought anything I ran hopefully would be an improvement.

I also visited the American Cancer Society booth to see some of my favorite people and to get my bracelet for the charity village for the marathon. I had a place on the 6 am bus from the museum, but I really wanted to travel to and stay in the tent with my teammates before the marathon.

photo 4

Then I went home, put on my compression socks and wouldn’t take off my new silver jacket and favorite silver Sparkly Soul headband 😉

photo 3


I love the fireworks on marathon weekend.  It is like something amazing is about to happen! Everyone in New York City, marathoner, non-marathoners, children, families etc. (everyone!) stops what they are doing at that moment and looks up.  The fireworks include the marathon colors and are amazing.

They also lit the Empire State Building during the weekend with the marathon colors – how fun and awesome is that?


On Friday, before heading over to Central Park to see the finishline, take pictures with the Fred Lebow statute and wait for the fireworks, I had to head over to my local Lululemon where they printed all of their local marathoner names in the window.  I think it was last week – I was shopping and saw the list of names and asked what it was for. They told me and I proudly proclaimed “Yay! I am running the marathon too!” and signed my name.  So needless to say, I was looking forward to stopping by the store to take a picture with my name!

   photo 3

photo 2

Off to Central Park we went for some pre-marathon fun…….photo 5

It was a beautiful day maybe in the 60s, which was way warmer than it had been lately. So we were able to walk around, shop at the NYRR pop-up tents, see the finishline, watch the parade and take some pictures!  When it was dark, the fireworks started!

photo 4
Then there was the daunting awesome finishline.


Stay tuned for my next blog post with a full recap of our last Team Determination Run, marathon day, and post-marathon recovery!

Here is a preview of an awesome sign made for me by my friend Catherine Scroope – I didn’t see it during the race, but she sent me a picture of it after!  Love it!



2 thoughts on “These streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you! @INGNYCMarathon Expo and pre-marathon @FITNYCPamela Recap Part 1! #fitnycpamela #ingnycm #taper

    1. Absolutely Kristin! I love other marathons and courses, but there is something about NY that is different and unique! Loved the energy 🙂

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